First Strategy Meeting of the Council in Berlin

First Strategy Meeting of the Council in Berlin

A highly motivated group of Council members met in a backyard of a typical Berlin Kreuzberg startup building to discuss the future of the Council of the German American Conference at Harvard.

The team represented members from across almost all former conferences and – amongst other outcomes – derived three major selling points for the Council:

1. Generating innovative ideas
In order to foster innovation on both sides of the Atlantic and circulate ideas that impact the future of our society, our transatlantic network will explore the latest emerging trends and extract value-adding solutions in a joint and interdisciplinary effort.

2. Building transatlantic connections
The intergenerational character of the Council makes sure that the connections among current and future leaders in business and international affairs merge into a strong transatlantic network, which helps our society to master the most decisive transatlantic challenges of our time.

3. Powered by Harvard’s academic excellence
Our members represent Harvard’s excellence on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Many of our current members have already excelled in their respective fields. In addition, Harvard Professors in our Presidium ensure that we continue to be closely connected to Harvard.

Within the framework of this get together, the Council also extended its management team as follows:

Fabian Baldauf, Head of Key Account Management

Simon Gincberg, Head of Communications

Kilian Mittl, Head of Member Relations

There are still roles and responsibilities available to get involved in the Council’s leadership team! Feel free to reach out and state which roles you find interesting and which ideas you’d like the Council to cover.